"Amplify your cycling experience."


How much is your membership?

We have multiple membership options to fit your budget. Unlimited for $120/mo, 12 sessions for $100, 8 sessions for $68. You can find these pricing options on the registration page.

Is cycling right for everyone?

Anyone can cycle no matter your age or fitness level. You are in control of the resistance level and speed of your workout. Your instructor will push you toward your goals.

Are the bikes compatible with cycling shoes?

The bikes are equipped with Shimano SPD clip ready pedals as well as a toe cage on the opposite side of the pedal, should you not have cycling shoes.

Is cycling clothing necessary?

No. Any type of gym attire works just fine. We’ll make you sweat no matter what you’re wearing.

Where are you located?

Surge Cycle Studio is located at 122 N. Sierra Ave., Oakdale CA 95361, across the street from the new Oakdale Feed Store, and next to the nursery.