"Amplify your cycling experience."

Surge Cycling Studios, located at 122 N. Sierra Ave., Oakdale CA 95361, is a locally owned and operated business that aims to bring you the best possible cycling experience. At Surge, we have built a comfortable studio atmosphere, and stocked it with the best spin bikes available. We have combined state of the art spin bikes, that track your progress throughout your class, with a kickin’ sound system to help push you through your workouts. Our seasoned instructors have put together challenging, but fun routines, that make your sessions feel less like work, and more like an achievement.

Our goal is to improve your performance, ability, and overall health. At Surge we will push you to your limits, and have you asking for more. We do all this by providing you with guidance and motivation through a routine that focuses on exactly what a bike is intended to do. Work your legs and your cardiovascular system.

Surge is unique to the industry in what it offers. There is no other spin studio that offers workouts like what you can find right here in Oakdale, CA. From the veteran road rider, to the beginner who may not even be able to ride a bicycle, we focus on form and performance, to make you a better rider. There is no dancing in our classes, no push-ups on the handlebars, and no contortions that test your ability to stay on a stationary bike. Surge helps you burn massive amounts of calories, and build strength and endurance by pedaling at varied resistances and speeds during a well thought out and choreographed routine to foot stomping music.

So come see what all the fuss is about. Sign up today, and feel the Surge difference.